My Most Embarrassing Metro Moments

metro logooo         There’s this initial allusion that we get when something bad happens to us, the sense of urgency and stress, like whatever it is will leave a permanent mark. This usually only lasts a couple minutes-hours after the damage is done, until we go on to realize that there’s a solution and it really isn’t that big of a deal. Of course some situations are worse than others and are meant to be taken seriously, but I’m talking things that aren’t going to matter by the end of the week. It seems we all tend to forget we’re going to die, and that these little errors don’t actually make that great of a difference while looking at the big picture. I believe finding the humour in these crappy insignificant situations is so crucial, that’s why today I’ll be sharing my top embarrassing metro moments…. Enjoy!

           Lets start with the morning I missed my bus because I slept through my alarms and woke up with less than 25 minutes to get ready. At the time I was employed at a place where they’re rather strict about tardiness, and with my manager I knew if I was late getting cussed out wasn’t an option. After a 40 or so minute bus drive of being stuck in traffic due to snowy roads and anxiously checking the time on my phone every 5 minutes, we arrive at the metro. As soon as I get off the bus I start speed walking, trying hard not to slip on the ice, knowing I need to catch the next ride if I had any chance of making it in time. Once inside and through the bars I hear the sound that indicates it’s now or never, instantly I start speeding down the stairs and make it on to the metro but instantly get thrown back. I made it on to the metro just enough that my body was cleared but the purse I was carrying behind me was not. Of course at this point my face turns beet-red due to embarrassment and I start having a bit of a minor panic attack trying to yank back my purse from the incredibly strong doors. Thankfully two kind strangers helped me separate the doors enough to get my purse out. Right after I thank them, BOOM something clicks. I instantly check my bag to see that the banana I packed that morning since I didn’t eat breakfast was still there, and that as expected it’s was smushed up all over my notebook and wallet. Fun. 

      This next one isn’t that bad but it could’ve happened at better timing. My incoordination has privileged me to fall up the stairs (especially metro stairs) many times before, but this was the most embarrassing. I was hanging with one of my girls and was on my way home. It was about 5 o’clock and the metro was packed, we get to the final destination and everyone exits to start climbing up the two flights of stairs. I was almost at the top of the second flight when I trip over literal thin air and fell in front of at least 60 people. Unfortunately it wasn’t like I just lost my balance and stumbled a little, no this was the most ridiculously dramatic fall I could’ve possibly had because I almost caught my balance but then didn’t…..Twice.

      Ending with my personal favourite, the time I sat in a puddle on my way to school. Yes this actually did happen… Since this took place in the Winter and I had a thicker jacket on, I was completely oblivious about the fact I sat in the water. Only once I got to the bathroom, and was pulling down my pants did I feel they were wet, which was definitely too late to avoid people from noticing. I walked from the metro to school, with my jacket making me look like I had an accident and I didn’t even know it. At first I thought maybe someone spilt their water, it happens, I spilt drinks on myself before but when I felt the jackets back-bottom it was actually soaked. Also I remember the ground around the chair I sat in was dry, which makes me think someone purposely put water on the seat for a dumb prank. Luckily for me that day I decided to go with black tights instead of jeans, so you couldn’t really tell I was walking around with a wet bottom. After I folded up my jacket it was like nothing had happened. 

And voila! My top 3 embarrassing metro stories, hope you enjoyed! 🙂


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